Friday, January 11, 2008

To all those who don't know my story

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Let's get some of those people who don't know what I'm doing up to speed.

Since last September I have been undergoing tests at the Cleveland clinic to qualify to be a test subject for a project conducted by the Clinic in association with NASA. The study is to research the quality of bone density in astronauts during long term space travel and the countermeasures that can be made to prevent the loss of minerals in bones. Due to lack of gravity in space, bones tend to deteriorate at a high pace. To simulate weightlessness here on earth, bed rest in a six degree head down tilt is performed. The counter measures they are having me perform consist of being wheeled down into a lab where they have a modified hammock. I lay horizontally and run on a vertical treadmill. There is a certain amount of force put onto my body forcing me towards the treadmill to simulate gravity and thus apply pressure to my bones. It's pretty crazy.

I arrived at the Clinic on January 7th and I will not touch the ground again until march 24th. That is 84 days of laying in bed. I do have Internet access. It is mounted on a table so I can write to you while laying in bed, pretty cool! Within that time I tend to watch a lot of movies, read some Shakespeare, learn some Italian, play some guitar, write a lot, crochet a bit, and basically just lay around and do my best to do my part in this study.

After I am done with the study I am put up in the Intercontinental Hotel located on the Cleveland Clinic campus. I will be there for two to four days to get back on my feet. Then I have a mandatory two weeks of rehab here at the clinic and then another six weeks of rehab on my own.

You can come and visit if you want. Hours are from 12-8 everyday. Weekends are better to come because I'm not doing anything on those days. My room number is M51-16 in the GCRC which is attached to the children's hospital in building M floor 5.

Stop on by, I'll be least I won't have to shovel any snow!



Michael said...

Dommer! Space Boy! Like the Smashing Pumpkins song. Awesome dude. This BLOG is sweet. Keep up the posts!

Kim said...

Hi Dom! I don't even know what to say! I'm completely blown away by this whole experience and I'm honored to be monitoring it from Cincinnati via your blog. What you are doing is amazing. Hang in there... (no pun intended). :) I can't wait to hear more! Keep up your amazingly positive attitude and post more! I'll be thinking of you. Best of luck! Love ya, lil kim

dsol said...

Keep posting. I will be reading.