Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So far so good

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It's Tuesday night and I've already taken my sleeping pill so this might be a short post.

Today was a good day. I started the day weighing in at 145.5 I've lost 5 pounds since I've been here, which I kinda like but I have a feeling that they're going to up my caloric intake soon. My nurses said to ask for ice cream...just might do that.

My Occupational Therapist came today and brought some wonderful activities. First I made sugar cookies from bed, sprinkles and everything! Grant it, I'm not allowed to eat any of these but there's enough nurses around to give them to. She also brought some cat grass to bring some life to the room and it smells really nice, we didn't get to the herb garden to plant because we got to talking for such a long time which made me very happy.

By the time I was to go for exercises I was ready to run! I'm at 75% force onto the treadmill and tomorrow starts 100% force. The nurses are ready to get me working hard.

My first weekend was wonderful too. On Saturday I watched 15 hours of Lost season 1, free on ABC.com and I just got done with Season 2 tonight. I'm hooked! On Sunday I had a plethora of folks visiting. Mom and Murphy, then Kelly and Mike, then Allison and Phil, and rounding out the day with Rd. I actually had to turn my dad away because of the amount of people coming in. Mom came and decorated my room with sunshine and palm trees, I like the sun it's great!

All the pain that I had in the beginning has vanished and my spirits are high once again, but the sleeping pill is making me yawn now so I will stop. Namaste, and I wish you all the best in surviving the cold weather coming your way in Cleveland.

With Great Respect~

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