Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dom Goes Green

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Today is Thursday and I planted my herb garden today. It's full of parsley, oregano, chives, and basil. I went heavy on the basil so maybe come spring I can make some pesto! Today I also distributed the cookies that I made to all the nurses that take care of me and they were all so very grateful. Speaking of food, the nutritionist increased my caloric intake, so for lunch today I had a chicken salad sandwich, soup, peaches, milk, vanilla ice cream, carrot cake, and a piece of pie. Yeah, that was kinda insane! Needless to say I didn't want to go and exercise today but they make me and it was well worth it.

Today is also the second day that I am exercising at 100% force onto the treadmill. It was slow starting, not on my part but my main engineer Sarah was at a meeting and the two assistants were having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to hang me up. They finally got in contact with Sarah and had proper instruction. All that there was left to do was for me to put my feet on the treadmill and run.

That was basically all that went on in my little bubble of a world today. I also had Mrs. Solomon dropping in as an unexpected but very welcomed guest and my dad, Jumpin' Jim Prinzo came and spent some time in the evening, that and I haven't watched an episode of Lost in about two hours so I'm going through withdrawal and I'm gonna get my fix now!!!




Nichole said...

HELLO bed blogging boy! enjoying your stay? love your blogs & thinking of you often. i hope someone is planning you one hell of a release party! hope i get to see you once you're vertical again ~ looking like may...much love to you...


Jumpin' Jim said...

Hey Dom! Hope you're enjoying the ride! Today I did a proxy Core Cynergistics session for you... it was a good work out; sending you the energy (smile)