Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Crazy Things I Do

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Hey everybody! So today I'm posting a video or two of what I actually do here when I'm in the lab. For all you nonbelievers here's the proof that I do more than just lay around all day. Basically when I'm down in the lab it takes about 15 minutes to hook me up to everything and then I walk for five minutes, rest for five. Then I run for five minutes and rest for five. The whole schedule consists of walking 5 times and running 4 times and a bunch of resting in between. Yesterday my hips were hurting a bunch because someone had taken the harness and used it for something else so it wasn't fitting me right. Sarah worked the kinks out and today was much better.

I must say that I'm still eating very well. Today for lunch I had a triple burger and onion rings! Somehow I'm still losing weight.

Today is Tuesday and Tuesday's are special. Every Tuesday I have to give saliva samples four times a day and then I'm hooked up to an e.k.g. monitor and have to stay still for six minutes. For the saliva I spit into a tube and then I also have to munch on these cotton swabs until they are saturated. I forget actually what the reason for all this is but I know I signed a consent form for it a while ago. This is just one of the many side studies being conducted here for space medicine research.

On a final note for the day, this Thursday I believe there will be a page article about me in the Solon Times. So for those of you in Solon take a look. I also got a call today from media relations here at the clinic. Turns out that the Plain Dealer wants to interview me as well. I don't know when that interview will be but I'll keep you posted.


smalls said...

what's up Superstar?!! :D
dont forget me when you're famous.. ;)
i miss you! i'm hoping to visit soon

philprahst said...

Dom - you're a media whore! You're going to need an agent soon. Britney Spears would be perfect - unemployed and well-versed in media relations.

Hang in there and I look forward to seeing you soon for some more Scattergories!

Scott said...


are you going to be on 60 minutes next? i think this will lead to great things. maybe you'll become an astronaut, or better yet a lifelong lab rat.