Sunday, March 16, 2008

Two Weeks Left

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Okay, so it's been over month since my last transmission and I am sorry for leaving all of you in the dark for such a long time. But to tell the truth nothing really crazy, or what I thought to be blog worthy was going on. So now I will update.

As far as the running is going, I've really started to put some speed into the exercise. At first I was running at 4.8 mph and now I'm running at 6.5 mph and it's such a nice workout but I still want to run faster. I feel by the time I'm done I'll be beyond 7 mph.

As for visitors I've had some high school kids watch me run one day, and a group of Case students too and then there was the United States Ambassador to Hungary (I was a stop on the Tour) I've met a couple more people from NASA and some doctors from around the world.

One day, instead of running with full force put onto the treadmill I ran with only 20% force. So instead of feeling like I weighed 150 pounds I felt like I weighed 30 pounds. It was to simulate walking on the moon. It was so cool, it was more of a bounce or a hop and a skip motion rather than a run. I loved it.

My nutritionist stopped by the other day and gave me a bottle of Tabasco sauce. Finally I get to ad some spice to my otherwise bland food. I also am getting a corned beef sandwich on rye for St. Patrick's day and she's working on bringing me a steak for Easter!

I must take a moment to thank everyone who sent Valentine's Day cards. I was overwhelmed with letters and love from so many of you. And also, thank you to all the 4th graders at James A. Garfield who wrote. Your letters were awesome!

I've been occupying my time with more movies and my new fix is watching NASA TV. They are at the ISS now and conducting space walks everyday. It's pretty interesting if you got nothing better to do.


Ray Z said...

Hi Dominic -
Great article in the PD today. Not only do you sound eloquent and knowledgable, but the new facial hair could be your ticket to becoming next season's 'THE BACHELOR'.
You may want to check out becoming a spokesperson for degenerative diseases, NASA and the space progam, as well as NIKE. Imagine the buzz if you decide to tackle running marathons after this experience.
Here's hoping you have a 'soft landing' as you approach the transition faze of this experiment. Please come see us down at 'THE COLOR PURPLE' if you feel up to it in April. We'll be thinking of you.
Ray Z

Keith Cowing said...


Hello from,, and - thanks for making this contribution to human spaceflight!

Keith Cowing

space-monkey said...

I am a scientist at Johnson Space Center in Houston, and I work on our bed rest project in Houston. Thanks for being such a great volunteer.

Donald said...

Well done. Thanks for being an earthbound explorer. I applaud your persistence in dealing with the challenges of your journey. Some of us will have a direct hand in taking the next steps in exploration and I am happy to share the experience with you.
Don M

Anonymous said...

Hi Dom!
Happy Belated Easter:) Great Blog and PD article - you're like...famous! What a great project you are doing and you are the perfect person for it - Thanks for your contribution. Best of luck returning to gravity! I know you are in good hands at CCF and the InterCon, but let me know if you need anything over the next few weeks, I am happy to help:)
Take care,
Jen Labuda

Kim I said...

Hey Dominic! you are super famous now, what will you do when you are free to walk? Its been nice seeing you for the past few months (everyday at 1 and 3 haha) Wonderful article also. Good luck!